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A little bit of information to help answer your questions about our service

Vegetarian Options

We can vary the amount of vegetarian food in your selection to suit your requirements. Please use the comments section on the final order form to tell us how many vegetarians you are expecting at your function and we will be very happy to discuss the matter.


Orders can be placed on our answerphone or written fax up until 6pm for next day delivery(except weekends). Please confirm transmission of fax, by calling next day where you'll also receive an allocated delivery time.

Late/Same Day Ordering

We have the ability to provide 'Emergency' food . Please call!!!


We take a particular pride in fulfilling all orders placed with us, but circumstances beyond our control can occasionally cause shortages.

We will normally be able to offer a suitable alternative.

Small Orders

Our minimum order value for free delivery is £30, pressure on our delivery vehicles mean that food orders below £30 will be subject to a charge of £2.00.


E-Mail & Website

We welcome orders by e-mail and from the website and will ensure receipt of your message on return. However like all other mediums, if we do not acknowledge your order, we probably haven't received it!! E-Mail:

Special Functions

We are happy to receive enquires for any functions or menu not featured in this brochure. Our Chef/Manager is waiting to help you.


Despite our best efforts we sometimes get things wrong, if we do, please ring our Customer Service Team and we promise to do whatever it takes to put things right.

And for the Record

To assist you here is a list of contact numbers

Sales Office / Fax 0121-327-9327 - Times are : 7am - 3pm

Answering Machine - After 3pm

Griffin's Food. Tel/Fax No: 0121 - 327-9327

When ordering by fax please phone to either pre-order your buffet or to confirm receipt of fax.

Payment methods accepted:


To enable us to establish credit facilities your first order will be on a proforma basis.  Once a credit facility has been established, your payments must be made within 14 days. 
In the case of private functions, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the estimated cost of the buffet must be paid 7 days before the function, the balance to be paid in full on, or before, delivery.

All equipment remains the property of Griffins, and should be kept safe until collection.  It should be returned washed and clean.  We reserve the right to charge for the cost of cleaning or replacing equipment.

All orders must be placed initially be telephone, followed by written confirmation, either by fax or post.  Basic buffets require 2 working days notice; specialist buffets require 5 working days notice.  Cancellation without charge for basic menus can be accepted up until 3.00pm, on the working day before delivery.  Specialist menus require 3 working days notice of cancellation.

All menus are based on an average of 10 people.  Orders for more than 10 people will automatically receive a wider range of fillings and menu items, likewise orders for less than 10 people will find some items omitted.  We reserve the right to substitute any items on your preferred menu with items of an equivalent value.

Delivery by our own vehicles.  Delivery times should be seen as a guide, we will endeavour to deliver to within +/- 15 mins  of your preferred time.  We will notify you by telephone of any significant alterations.

Guaranteed courier delivery.  We have teamed up with Ozone Couriers to handle jobs where a guaranteed delivery time is required.  The cost of this service would be invoiced to you as an additional item.

Although we try to please everyone, pressure on our delivery service mean that orders to value of less than £40 (ex-vat) will incur a fixed surcharge of £5 (+ vat ).