Griffin's - Finest Food


"At Griffins we believe in providing only the very best food and to succeed in our uncompromising pursuit of excellence we only use suppliers with the same commitment to quality as ourselves."


Award Winner


After scouring the country we found a number of small, specialist suppliers who take great care and pride in providing only the finest quality products made from natural ingredients and often only produced using traditional methods.

Thai Chicken, with a Julienne of Mango,
Celeriac and Carrot

  • Griffins' bread
    is baked by specialist family bakers and delivered daily.
  • Griffins' mayonnaise and sauces
    are either home-made and freshly prepared or of a quality you would find in some of the best restaurants.
  • Griffins' chicken
    grilled breast fillet (low on fat) or spit roasted (for full flavour) but always real chicken.
  • Griffins' cheeses
    selected from traditional cheese makers in Britain and Europe but always for their full flavour.
  • Griffins' prawns
    chosen for succulence and size from the best source in the world - the cold waters off Greenland.

Our ingredients list is virtually endless, but every item has been carefully researched, taste tested and personally approved by James Griffin before being used in any of Griffins' sandwiches to ensure total quality control and maintain our commitment to an exceptional product.